We were very excited to be featured on the Talk STL show

"Wild Wild West" with Thom West, Joe DeNiro, and Coach.

This was a really great opportunity for us to talk about pole dance fitness.

We got to educate the listeners about what pole fitness is really like, it's a lot harder than it looks!

We also explained how pole is used for a full body workout.

Then of course, we go to show off some pole moves!

Talk STL radio - Wild Wild West Show

Talk STL radio - Wild Wild West Show

We were featured as one of the top 10 Christmas gifts in St Louis.

 Giving the gift of fitness is one of the best gifts you can offer to someone you care about.

We have woman of all ages, sizes and shapes who come to classes.

Do you have a girl friend that is a real challenge to shop for?

How about a friend that always talks about working out but hasn’t started yet?  

What about those new moms who just had a baby, and are ready to feel sexy again?  

We all know someone who fits one of these descriptions!

Working out at a pole dancing studio is not only a unique gift, it’s thoughtful. 

We offer gift certificates, private lessons, pole parties and more!

Call (636) 896 - 5855 for more info!

2013 Christmas gift ideas St Louis MO

2013 Christmas gift ideas St Louis MO