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"I love Pink Lemon Studio!!  Jennifer and all the instructors are amazing!  Working out and having fun is fantastic.  I  have never had a workout like this.  We laugh, we learn, we sweat, we dance, we jiggle, wiggle and everything else.  Love the classes and the groups.  It's nice to be comfortable in the environment.  I can't wait to learn more and get in great shape.  Watching everyone learn and master the new moves, it great inspiration.  I will keep coming to Pink's AWESOME!"

- Jee

"I have attended over 20 classes at Pink Lemon and I plan on attending many many more.  I tried the Beginner Pole class but found out it just wasn't for me.  I did however find the Chair Dance class and Buti Yoga was right up my alley.  Who knew that sweating could be so much fun.  I also attended a special event, Corsets and Cocktails, and had a BLAST!  All the instructors are wonderful and know how to make you feel good about yourself.  I am constantly singing the praises of the studio to everyone that I know and will continue to do so.  If you are looking for a fun time with a group of fabulous women then I suggest you come check out Pink Lemon Studio."

- Annette

"Pink Lemon is the best pole and fitness studio in the St. Louis area! I've been to a couple other similar studios, but this one takes the cake. The studio itself is huge and gorgeous, and comfortable for large and small groups. There are multiple sized poles to use, so you get to learn on a variety of equipment, plus huge mirrors on either side for checking yourself. They also have a crash mat and aria, for safety and fun when trying more advanced stuff! The instructors are all very knowledgeable and well practiced ladies, bringing all kinds of fitness backgrounds to the classes. They all have a lot of great info and advice to offer, for weight loss, strength building, pole tricks, etc. All the instructors are focused on ensuring you not only can pull off cool tricks, but that you learn to do so in a safe way with proper form. Pink lemon has very clean restrooms and lockers for your belongings. Their party events are awesome as well! They all have a different theme, but are always well planned and feature lots of different burlesque and dance lesson, pole lessons, and themed food and activities as well! Jennifer, the owner, is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate people I've ever met and has a genuine love for her studio and students. A must try for anyone!"

- Cassie

"We had my sister's bachelorette party there on Saturday and had an AMAZING time. It was the highlight of our whole night. Talk about a great way to get a party started and get everyone comfortable with one another. You guys rock! I have a new found love for this. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone. Thanks Pink Lemon!"

- Liz

"I have to tell you, Jennifer Scholl is great! This studio is done with such taste and so professional. Talk about classy! They are so helpful and what a workout! Best exercise and the most fun I have had working out ever. They even have pole fitness classes. Ladies, this is a great self esteem booster for those that are a little self conscious. And so much fun!!  By far, Pink Lemon is the place to go. The staff at Pink Lemon wants to see every person there succeed and reach their goals. Awesome job Jennifer!! I will encourage everyone I know to check out Pink Lemon!!!"

- Shelley

"This is a beautifully created space with all the ambiance one needs to relax, sweat, dance and have an amazing experience! I have been a lifelong dancer and after an injury was introduced to pole dance going on 6 years ago now.  Wanting to seek out different teaching styles I stumbled across Pink Lemon and Jennifer.  Her energy grabbed my attention right away as did her passion for pole.  She has created a beautiful space and amassed an amazing group of pole fitness enthusiasts.  The vibe created by Jennifer and her upbeat personality in combination with the inviting space she created has simply grown my passion for pole all over again.  There really is nothing like joining good friends for a fun night of pole for a good workout, stretch and a clear mind.  Jennifer is always evolving and growing in her pole knowledge and ability and you can see that she loves her job and life in her eyes!  It's contagious and I thank her for putting that spark for pole and fitness back in my eye."

- Sara

"Pink Lemon is a fabulous place to learn how to pole dance and get in great shape. Classes are offered in the evenings and work well with my busy schedule. It's a great way to get exercise, have "girl time" and have fun. I spend all day with my young daughter and look forward to visiting the studio in the evening. The staff is always very welcoming and knowledgeable about what they do. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin pole dancing, learn new pole moves or just have fun working out."

- Jessica

"Pink Lemon has quickly become my favorite place to go after work! I look forward to working out because the classes at Pink Lemon are so much fun! I definitely break a sweat in Buti Yoga and learn a lot in the pole classes, as well. It's such a fun and positive atmosphere!! I would recommend any of the classes to people of every skill level. My favorite is Buti Yoga because it's different moves and music each week, but always a great work out. The instructors are amazing too! Very enthusiastic and motivating!!"

- Megan

"I have been taking classes at Pink Lemon Studio for about 3 months now and I can honestly say I love this place.  It is such a positive environment and not intimidating at all. I have seen such an increase in my strength and confidence in just a few months. The instructors there are great and really care about each person in class.  They offer a variety of classes and change them up, so it's not the same boring workout.  They challenge you to push for your best and results are seen."

- Marissa

"Best instructors ever! Unique classes you will find at NO other studio.  The instructors become special people in your life.  They may in fact know you better than any of your friends. They see you in a light that most people have never seen.  During class sometimes a weaknesses is exposed as you try to challenge a new exercise you've been given but the Pink Lemon Ladies are always right there with supportive words!  I thrive on that challenge and by the end of the session I am most likely full of sweat and have a beat red face.  Wow, who wants to be around me when I'm like that? My Pink Lemon Ladies, of course.  They are there to support you no matter what you look like or how you act.  I will laugh, occasionally whine and grunt but always feel comfortable enough with them to allow myself to be exposed in such pink glow lights."

- Victoria

"Pink Lemon Studio is such a great place for women looking to get a really great workout. I was a little nervous at first, being a rather shy person, but Jennifer and the other instructors were so welcoming and encouraging! I've been at the studio for about six months now and have seen such an improvement in my overall fitness! The classes are certainly different, but always interesting and fun! I definitely recommend the studio to all my friends!"

- Michala

"I love Pink Lemon!!!  As a girl who is not a dancer & not a gymnast, I've found my home!  I wish I could be around this positive environment way more often.  I always feeling better about myself - all the women there are so supportive.  Pole fitness is challenging & I love using muscles you can't hit at the normal gym.  The instructors are the best around, if you aren't there they ask why...out of genuine concern.  I've made great friends & encourage everyone to try any class at Pink Lemon - there are lots to choose from!!"

- LaDonna

"I love going to pink lemon!! From the fun classes to the special events, there is always something new and different to do. Everyone is so supportive & cheers for your accomplishments. The instructors are positive & encouraging and it's a great workout. You'll make some good friends and have a great time getting in shape!"

- Becky

"I've been coming to Pink Lemon Studio since last August, and I love it!  They offer a variety of classes from pole, chair dance, and showgirl burlesque, as well as "Insanity" inspired bootcamp workouts.  The studio is inviting, and while some people may be intimidated to try pole or a dance class, the atmosphere is not intimidating, and the owner, Jennifer, and the instructors, are very friendly and welcoming. I like the variety adding these classes into my normal daily workout brings, and I'm excited to be learning something new! If you are hesitant about trying it out, don't be - it's fun!"

- Tara

"Pink Lemon Studio changed my life! The instructors are extremely nice and very encouraging. I am a bigger girl and I thought I could never do some of the stuff I have been doing at Pink Lemon. You will not regret signing up for classes here!"

- Eda

" I started out taking a pole dancing class in March on a whim...And now I'm hooked.  I've taken several different classes (pole dancing, chair dancing, buti yoga and polesanity) and enjoyed them all.  I've been going to the polesanity and buti yoga each  week to get in shape for my wedding in the fall and lost I've lost 10lbs since I have started and an entire inch on my waistline in just the last 5 weeks.  The teachers are all very encouraging and I've gained a whole new group of friends.  I could not recommend this place higher!

- Crystal