How do I level up in class?

We have no set time limit, or class minimum to attend a higher level class. Some students may stay level 1 fundamentals class for as few as 2-3 months, or as long as 2-3 years. Classes are non competitive, and there is no time schedule for success. Leveling up depends solely on your prior experiences, current fitness level, and goals. If you feel you have a good grasp of the skills, and the workouts are feeling too easy, just talk to an instructor, they can evaluate you in class and let you know their thoughts on your current skill level. 

What is pole dancing?

Pole dancing is a style of dance that uses a pole to perform transitions on, around, and near the pole in combination with various pole spins, climbs and tricks. Our pole dance classes put emphasis on blending movements and tricks into a flowing routine, and also help expand freestyle pole movement.

What is pole fitness?

Pole fitness is a new style of workout that uses a pole to perform gymnastic tricks and combinations of strength and flexibility. Our pole fitness classes put emphasis on proper technique and form, as well as full body conditioning to build strength, and stretching to gain flexibility.

Is pole dancing hygienic / is your studio clean?

We clean our poles at the beginning and end of class with antiseptic isopropyl rubbing alcohol. We provide the rubbing alcohol and microfiber cleaning towels available for use on the poles. You may clean the pole at any time during class that you wish. Our studio is thoroughly swept, mopped, dusted, and disinfected daily. We pride ourselves in having a clean and sanitary environment, and strive to keep the studio immaculate and to the highest levels of sanitation. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask our staff immediately.

Can aerial classes be dangerous?

Like any athletic sport, the chance of injury is possible. Use common sense to be careful to avoid injuries by listening to your body, stop if you feel overexerted or if you feel any pain. Do not attempt moves if you are not absolutely certain what you should be doing and absolutely certain that you are ready. You have the right to ask for variations of a move appropriate to your comfort and skill level, and you have the right to refuse if you feel unsafe. We promote a safe and responsible environment with open communication between students and staff, if you are ever uncertain, stop and ask!

Will I bruise?

Ahh yes, pole kisses. Weirdly, bruises are trophy marks for aerialists, they are proof of hours of dedication and tenacity. Bruising is caused from putting intense pressure or friction on a soft area of skin. Some people bruise very easily, others not at all. Pay attention during class to the teacher explaining contact points on the apparatus and proper form for whatever move you may be doing, this will help you place your body correctly and prevent excess pressure in certain areas. To help your bruises heal, you can ice the area, use over the counter topical treatments like those with arnica (such as arnicare), or let time run its’ course. 

What happens during a typical class?

  1. We ask that students arrive 5-10 min prior to class to fill out a waiver, change into appropriate clothing, and be prepared to start on time.
  2. Every class begins with a structured warm up lead by your instructor which may include stretching, cardio, and strengthening exercises. Warm up is a required part of class and your instructor will ask you to warm up separately if you miss this part of class, this is for your own safety. 
  3. During the core of the class you will work on various skills taught from the basics. Each individual trick will begin from the fundamentals and build into the goal move. In aerial classes you may learn climbs, spins, tricks, or a combination of everything. Your instructor will spend individual with you to help troubleshoot, and give feedback for improvement and progress.
  4. Many times at the end of class you instructor will allow 1 song of freestyle or free dance where you may revisit things you learned at the beginning of the class and use what you learned that day in a dance to music.
  5. Every class finishes with a structured cool down and stretch led by your instructor.

What if I take classes somewhere else and I am visiting St Louis and want to drop in?

We love visiting students, whether you dance at another studio, at home, or are just coming to visit St Louis, you are welcome at Pink Lemon Studio! Please contact our staff and we can help evaluate what level class at our studio would be most appropriate for your abilities. You can also send us a video of your latest practice so we can evaluate your skills. Many visiting dancers also schedule private lessons with an instructor for more guided practice time. We love connecting the aerial arts world together!

What if I’m not strong enough/not flexible enough/ too old/ too young/ uncoordinated/ scared/ don’t have any experience?

That’s OK! Everyone starts at the very beginning their very first day and our instructors are here to teach you at ANY ability level! Every move from the very first class is taught in progressions from foundation moves that then build into bigger and better things. Taking classes consistently will help you find confidence in your body and build your strength and flexibility over time. Remember aerial fitness is a journey, not a destination! The aerial community is the friendliest and most supportive fitness community there is!

How many people are in each class?

Each of our pole classes are limited to 10 people, 1 person per pole. Our non-aerial classes, including dance and flexibility classes, are limited to 10 people maximum. Our aerial silks and aerial hoop classes are limited to 6 people, 2 per apparatus. Our small class sizes ensure that each person has individualized attention from the instructor for spotting and assistance, and adequate time on their apparatus to learn the move being taught.

What do I wear to class?

For pole dancing classes you will want to wear form fitting above the knee shorts as bare skin is necessary to grip the pole. Other options for bottoms can include: swim suit bottoms, leotards, monokinis, or capri leggings that can be pulled up past the knees. You will want to wear a comfortable activewear top that exposes your arms and most women wear a sports bra. We do not allow street shoes on our dance floor, most people will wear socks, purchase separate dance shoes (like jazz shoes or turners), or just go barefoot. Heels are not required, but they are encouraged for dance classes (rubber bottomed heels only! This is for your safety as leather bottomed heels can slip!)
For aerial classes like aerial silks and aerial hoop you will want to be fully covered with tight fitting clothing. Common options are: leggings and a t shirt that can be tucked in, a leotard and dance tights or leggings, or a unitard/union suit. Many people wear regular socks or yoga grip socks. Avoid loose fitting clothing and clothing with zippers, buttons, or embellishments that may catch in the apparatus.
Please do NOT wear the following things to class: Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, studded clothing or other sharp items. Do NOT wear lotions or oils on the legs or arms the day of class as this will make the apparatus feel slippery. Dermal piercings and rings that cannot be removed should be covered with athletic tape or a band aid.

How do I sign up for class?

We use an online scheduler called MindBody Online, and a scheduling app called MINDBODY. When signing up for class you can use the schedule found on the Pink Lemon Studio website and this will redirect you to our online scheduler. If you’re signing up for a class at Pink Lemon for the first time, the online scheduler will require you to create an account with us, using important information like your full name, email address, and phone number. Please fill out these fields with reliable information should our staff need to contact your about your class. After creating an account, you can select any of or classes and click the “SIGN UP NOW” button on the “classes” tab at the top of the screen. This will then lead you through a series of prompts asking about which type of class credit, class credit package, or membership contract that you would like. After completing your payment, you will receive your receipt and confirmation for the class you selected in the email you provided when creating your account. Please check your confirmation email to make sure everything is correct and if you run into any troubles along the way please don’t hesitate to contact our staff via text or call at 636-896-5855, send us a message via our Facebook page or Instagram, or send us an email at