St Louis Pole Dance Instructors

All of our pole instructors have a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to inspire our students through the joy of fitness and pole dance.

We consider ourselves a Sisterhood, a Pole Dance Sorority.

St Louis Pole Dancing Instructors at Pink Lemon Studio

St Louis Pole Dancing Instructors at Pink Lemon Studio



  • Assistant Manager, Pink Lemon Studio
  • Pole Dance Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Jessica:

Having a background in gymnastics, Jessica has always known the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. After having a daughter in July 2012, Jessica wanted to find a way to shed the 60 extra pounds of baby weight and get her sexy back. Two months after having a caesarean, Jessica found herself taking her first 10 minutes of pole after a sexy chair dance class. Four months later, Jessica took her very first official pole dance class and has been hooked ever since. Having been a runner for about a year before pregnancy, Jessica found herself enjoying pole dancing more than running and continued to dance. Jessica managed to shed almost all her baby weight and has become stronger than she ever thought possible. Currently, Jessica is the assistant manager at Pink Lemon Studio and teaches pole classes.

Professional Experience: Ten years gymnastics experience, Danielle Cain Workshop 2014, Allison Sipes training 2014.

Favorite Pole Trick(s): Extended Butterfly, one handed jasmine




  • PoleSanity Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

 Get to Know Rachael:

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough,” is a quote our certified Insanity instructor, Rachael, likes to live by. March 2012 was a time of enlightenment for Rachael, she found herself overweight, depressed and sick. Rachael decided it was time to take charge of her life and begin a healthy lifestyle. With the help of clean eating and a more active lifestyle, Rachael lost some weight. After hitting a plateau, Rachael decided she needed a bigger dream, March 2013, she realized her goal would be to compete in her very first fitness bikini competition! In March 2014, Rachael made her dream a reality, after losing an astonishing 60+ pounds, Rachael made her way to the stage to stand up for every woman who has ever struggled with her health. Currently, Rachael eats a clean diet, lifts weights 4-5 times per week and does cardio 2-3 times per week. You can find her in teaching our very popular Polesanity class.

Something Rachael wants you to know: Dream big and reach for the stars, you never know what you might be capable of!




  • Chair Dance Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Chanda:

Chanda has been a dancer most of her life, competing in high school and college, she now teaches pole, burlesque and chair dance infused with a little hip-hop flavor. Chanda got into pole dance during a very trying time in her life, looking for something to boost her confidence and get her sexy back, Chanda found herself twirling around a pole. Now, Chanda has discovered that not only is she capable of getting tough tricks on the pole but she just recently completed her very first half-marathon.

Fun Fact: Not only is Chanda an awesome dancer but she’s awesomely intelligent. Chanda is currently an engineer at Boeing!

Professional Background:  Varsity Dance team at Sparkmann High School (Harvest, Al). Marching Crimson Pipette at Tuskegee University.  Chanda has also taken pole dance workshops with Michelle Stanek of Body & Pole, NYC and Irmingard Mayer of Fly Fitness, NYC.




  • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Candace:

After taking a pole class in Las Vegas, Candace found herself bit by the pole bug, it was, quite literally, love at first step-around! Candace has been soaring to new heights in pole for almost a year, having taken a workshop with Danielle Cain, Candace found her love for pole to continue to grow. Having no background in dance, Candace is a natural at attempting and hitting tough tricks. Candace continues to grow her love for pole and working out (without realizing it) every day.

Experience: Candace has taken a workshop with Danielle Cain and has attended classes throughout the St. Louis area.

Fun Fact: Candace has an 8 year old son who loves to play basketball!




  • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Kirstie:

As a certified personal trainer, Kirstie knows the importance of staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.  Kirstie realized her passion and potential for teaching fitness classes and received her personal training license with Dynamic Fitness Management where she worked until being accepting into Webster University as a full time student. After watching Felix Cane perform for Miss Pole Dance Australia, Kirstie became inspired to purchase her very own pole. After training for several months at home, Kirstie decided it was time to step foot into a pole studio for some professional classes. Kirstie enjoys her ability to use the freedom of movements in her artistic interpretation of pole dancing.

Professional Background: DFM Certified, 2013 Michelle Mynx Extravaganza, 2014 Pole Kisses

Professional Workshops Completed: Danielle Cain 2014, Karol Helms Signature Tricks 2014, Seria Louise Anderson Commanding the Stage 2013, Mariel A LaMode Stretching and Flexibility Series 2013, Aerialist Monica Newsam

Fun Facts: Kirstie enjoys dabbling in silks, rope, lyra and trapeze from time to time. When Kirstie is not doing an oversplit or working out you can find her hanging out, on the couch, watching King of the Hill with her kitty Leon (AKA Lenny) and her Pomeranian Bella (AKA Belly).






  • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
  • Certified ZUMBA Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
  • Showgirl Burlesque Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
  • Polerina Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Colleen:

With a strong background in dance, Colleen is constantly looking to broaden her experiences. Her strength lies in ballet, tap and jazz but she has currently added aerial acts to her repertoire.  Colleen enjoys performing with the aerial silks and lyra, and she hopes to soon expand into the trapeze.  She particularly enjoys bringing her contemporary dance background to her performance on the pole.  Colleen’s style has brought elegance to a once taboo object, but she’s not afraid to get down and dirty though!  Colleen adores teaching Showgirl Burlesque, Polerina, Zumba and any type of pole class.  She has been instructing women for over 5 years and has found it to be incredibly rewarding to help each woman find their inner diva and learn to truly love themselves, flaws and all!





    • Hula Hoop Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
    • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Rae:

Having a background in gymnastics and dabbling in various other sports, Rae found herself looking for something to challenge her and get her out of a slump that she had been experiencing. Looking for motivation to get back into doing the things she loved, Rae discovered Pink Lemon Studio after being introduced by a close friend. Currently, Rae teaches Hula Hoop Fitness but is taking steps toward becoming certified in Aerial Arts and Yoga.

Something you didn’t know you wanted to know: Rae loves the song “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara, having recently watched the movie Flashdance, Rae found she loves the song even more! Rae identifies with the song when she is hooping, “[that song] is one that describes exactly how I feel when I flow!”





  • Yoga Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Mandy:

Mandy is honored to bring her love for yoga to Pink Lemon Studio. Being a certified yoga instructor, paddlefit instructor and personal trainer, Mandy understands the importance of being physically, mentally and emotionally fit. After realizing the key to happiness begins within ourselves, Mandy chose to make fitness her lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.


Her Favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”-Ghandi




    • Front Desk team member, Pink Lemon Studio
    • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Erin:

Being the avid concert goer that she is, Erin is no stranger to the music world. Having been classically trained in ballet, tap and jazz, expression through the arts comes naturally to Erin. Growing up being physically active, Erin found herself, in her twenties, hitting a fitness slump. After taking her very first pole class, she discovered a new love blooming within her and quickly became hooked!


Why Pink Lemon: “I love Pink Lemon Studio because it's not just a studio, it's a family. It doesn't matter if it's your first day or if you have been there for a year, everyone supports each other and makes you feel right at home. It's a comfortable environment to be yourself in.”




    • Pole Fitness Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
    • Polerina Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
    • Burlesque Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio
    • Contemporary Choreography Instructor, Pink Lemon Studio

Get to Know Cassie:

Cassie spent 15 years dedicated to dance, starting at the age of four. She trained in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, pointe, and lyrical. There was never a doubt that dancing was her passion. As a teenager she was at the studio five nights a week and spent most weekends at recitals and competitions and loved it.

Why Pink Lemon: "I chose Pink Lemon studio because from the first class I came to, I felt like I had a whole new group of friends and a support system. I wasn’t only exercising again, I was fulfilling my passion in dance in a whole new way. I never knew how much I would love pole dancing but Pink Lemon showed me that it’s a beautiful art. When I started teaching I was also given the opportunity to focus on my roots of ballet, jazz and hip hop. I am now engulfed in fitness and I couldn’t be more grateful!"