St Louis Pole Dance Instructors

All of our pole instructors have a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to inspire our students through the joy of fitness and pole dance.

We consider ourselves a Sisterhood, a Pole Dance Sorority.

St Louis Pole Dancing Instructors at Pink Lemon Studio

St Louis Pole Dancing Instructors at Pink Lemon Studio


Senior Instructor 3+ years experience

*Aerial Instructor

*Hula Hoop Instructor

*Pole Dance Instructor

*Yoga Instructor

*Bikini Fitness Coach

Get to Know Rae:

Having a background in gymnastics and dabbling in various other sports, Rae found herself looking for something to challenge her and get her out of a slump that she had been experiencing. Looking for motivation to get back into doing the things she loved, Rae discovered Pink Lemon Studio after being introduced by a close friend. Currently, Rae teaches Hula Hoop Fitness but is taking steps toward becoming certified in Aerial Arts and Yoga.

Something you didn’t know you wanted to know: 

Rae loves the song “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara, having recently watched the movie Flashdance, Rae found she loves the song even more! Rae identifies with the song when she is hooping, “[that song] is one that describes exactly how I feel when I flow



Studio Manager

*Curvy Confidence Workshops

*Pole Dance Instructor

 Get to Know Eda:

I've been Pole Dancing at Pink Lemon Studio since January 2014 and during my time at the studio I've lost a total of 100 pounds and gained a whole lot of confidence!

In 2015 I went viral for my personal fitness journey and was featured on Fox 2 News. This launched the Curvy Confidence Workshop and Seminar Series featured at Pink Lemon Studio to help woman get active and gain confidence in their bodies.

In October 2016, I picked up Weight Lifting to supplement my Pole Dancing and can successfully deadlift 255 pounds.

My positive attitude towards myself really helped turn around my life for the better!


Flexibility Instructor

Pole Dance Instructor

Get to Know Ashley:

Ashley has been teaching pole dancing for a year and loves it! She loves bendy tricks and is an enthusiast of flexibility and contortion training.


Pole Fitness Instructor

Aerial Instructor

Hula Hoop Instructor

Get to Know Kaity

Kaity was involved in traditional dance from a very young age and took dance classes for 10 years. Although she continued keeping herself active with competitive running and soccer, she knew that a creative outlet was missing from her life.

 After watching some hoop dancers perform in a park, Kaity’s life was changed after buying a kid’s hoop and trying it out herself. She taught herself how to hoop dance for over two years until she found Pink Lemon and began taking hoop classes. Now she helps people learn the art of hoop flow and healthy living!

Fun fact: Kaity also loves rock climbing and can often be found at the local climbing gyms around St. Louis!

taylor faceTAYLOR

Pole Fitness Instructor

Dance Instructor

Aerial Instructor

Get to Know Taylor:

Meet Taylor, Pink Lemon's newest dance instructor for Tone, Tighten, TWERK!
She started dancing at age of 5  at Academy of Fine Arts Dance School and Columbia Performing Arts Center where she learned ballet, jazz, and tap.
Taylor is currently a college student at the University of Northern Colorado and in her free time she enjoys pole dancing and playing with her adorable 2 year old niece.



Pole Fitness Instructor

Certified ZUMBA Instructor

Showgirl Burlesque Instructor

Get to Know Colleen:

With a strong background in dance, Colleen is constantly looking to broaden her experiences. Her strength lies in ballet, tap and jazz but she has currently added aerial acts to her repertoire.  Colleen enjoys performing with the aerial silks and lyra, and she hopes to soon expand into the trapeze.  She particularly enjoys bringing her contemporary dance background to her performance on the pole.  Colleen’s style has brought elegance to a once taboo object, but she’s not afraid to get down and dirty though!  Colleen adores teaching Showgirl Burlesque, Polerina, Zumba and any type of pole class.  She has been instructing women for over 5 years and has found it to be incredibly rewarding to help each woman find their inner diva and learn to truly love themselves, flaws and all!


Pole Dance Instructor

Belly Dance Instructor

Get to Know Tori:

As a former ballerina and gymnast her experience plays into her pole and dance classes. With a strong focus on beautiful flow and pointed toes, she'll have you dancing gracefully in no time!



Front Desk